Lenny EST790 Finnish Champion 2016

Finnish Nationals 2016. It’s a wrap up. 
Superb heavy weather sailing conditions at Ytterskär – SW 8-11 m/s, big waves, “some rain showers”. And most of all 
Lenny EST790 helmed by Tonu Toniste continued the dominance taking the gun in all of todays three races. So winning 7 races out of 8 races. Phenomenal upwind and downwind speed with superb boat handling was too much to the others.
Korutv.fi FIN742 helmed by Tomi Hakola got their pace but couldn’t challenge Lenny in overall sailing. Their speed was the same but… Korutv.fi took three second places in todays three races securing them the silver.
Behind the top two boat Mimosa FIN529 helmed by Jan Mattsson had an excellent challenge from Virta FIN662 Jaakko Perimaa. Mimosa managed to keep Virta behind them by only 1 point in the overall points.
Special thanks to Buster Boats for the RC boats (Buster XXL & Buster L1) and Hernesaaren Ranta for the unique harbor facilities!!!

Finnish Nationals 2016, day 2

Finnish Nationals 2016.

Day 2.

Rain, rain… and average wind from SE-S with a velocity of 7-9 m/s. And a challenging wave conditions making upwind and downwind legs really wearing. But at the same a chance to attack.

Lenny helmed by Tõnu Tõniste continued their dominant sailing without any big threat from anyone. Sailing 1st and 1st.

Today time to time KORUTV.fi helmed by Tomi Hakola challenged Toniste with tactics and boat speed finishing 2nd in race 4 and 2nd race 4. But Hakola got a BFD in race 4. This gave FIN529 Mimosa helmed Jan Mattsson an advantage to take overall 2nd place after day 2. Behind Mattsson FIN642 H&M Arkkitehdit helmed by Rasmus Päivärinta sailed 2nd & 5th. And now 3rd overall.

So overall place 2 – 7 are wide open going to day 3 — six boats in 6 points.

First start tomorrow at 10am.day2_2016

But before tomorrows racing 18.00 Championship dinner at Hernesaarenranta

Finnish Nationals 2016 – day 1


Really challenging winds from E to SE with 1 – 4 m/s of wind. Couple of gusts over 6 m/s. Excellent job from the RC to get through 3 races. Pulling through these 3 races helps the RC for tomorrow because the wind forecast for Saturday is a steady 20-25 knots. And gusts reaching 40 knots

Tõnu Tõniste & crew onboard EST790 “Lenny” Sailing team is after day 1 in a comfortable lead. Behind Lenny the fight for silver and bronze will be really tight during the next two days.

Thank you Buster Boats for providing us fabulous RC boats and of courseHernesaaren Ranta for a unique harbor area!


Finnish Championship 2016 info


Ga boom👊 Here we go with the confirmation for the 2016 Finnish Champs. Base harbor one of the best places in Finland — Hernesaaren Ranta !

Boats must be on both nights in the lagoon. And ONLY using the pontoon reserved only for us. See 6th/last pic on this post. Please use the red buoys for mooring. The lagoon is appr 3 m in depth.

Boat rigging and launching using Hernesaarenranta lagoon ramp which is inside the area.

Trailer park during the weekend to the near by boat yard – instructions coming to everyone by email. Craning possibilities under work – leave a message if interested. All included in entry fee

Please note that all other parking will be penalised by the parking company!!!

Each morning special coffee etc deal with “Roberts Coffee”. To be paid seperately

Saturday evening buffet dinner @Hernesaarenranta “Teltta” restaurant. Included for all competitors in entry fee.

Racing area will be “Ytterskär”

Notice of Race and online entry link is now active www.melges24.fi>> upcoming events

Direct link to online entry MAKE ENTRY HERE