Finnish Estonian Melges 24 ranking 2015

Here we go with the preliminary Finnish Estonian Melges 24 ranking 2015 calendar.

Mark these events in your calendar:

23-24.5.2015   Ranking 1 (Casseli Race)   LPS Lahti
6-7.6.2015       Ranking 2                           KJK Tallinn
12-14.6.2015   Estonian Champs               KJK Tallinn
1-2.8.2015       Ranking 4                           LP Lohja
29-30.8.2015   Ranking 5                           EMK Espoo
18-20.9.2015   Nordic / Finnish Champs     NJK Helsinki

The best thing is being this early is the believe it or not the ONLINE ENTRY is open for all of these events. One address and 5 events — simple! CLICK HERE 

Now it´s the time to stop talking and hesitating – buy a Melges 24 and sail the ISAF one-design keel boat.

There are several options just for your budget and in Finland. The range is from the 200 to 700 series boats. Price range from appr. 11 000 to appr 35 000 €. When you are interested contact Tomi tomiATmelges24DOTcom or call 040 535 2020

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