2017 Melges24 World Championship to Helsinki, FIN

Yes yes! A dream come true. The 2017 Melges24 World Championship will be held in Helsinki Finland.

Our bid for the Worlds went to a voting process in the 2014 International Melges 24 Association AGM in Milano, Italy. Against us was Italy but without a specific place. After the entire round of nations voting Helsinki Finland won in great style.

The host club will be Helsingfors Segelklubb (known as HSK). Base harbor Lauttasaari, the island district just 2.5 – 3 km from downtown Helsinki. Race area on the well known “Ytterskär” area just 30-40 minutes from the base harbor.

Choose the correct boat class and start your new life NOW. It´s a excellent time to start the project and get prepared for the 2017 Worlds!

Be tuned for more information on this website and our Facebook group “Finnish Estonian Melges 24 Fleet

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