Finnish Championship 2016 info


Ga boom👊 Here we go with the confirmation for the 2016 Finnish Champs. Base harbor one of the best places in Finland — Hernesaaren Ranta !

Boats must be on both nights in the lagoon. And ONLY using the pontoon reserved only for us. See 6th/last pic on this post. Please use the red buoys for mooring. The lagoon is appr 3 m in depth.

Boat rigging and launching using Hernesaarenranta lagoon ramp which is inside the area.

Trailer park during the weekend to the near by boat yard – instructions coming to everyone by email. Craning possibilities under work – leave a message if interested. All included in entry fee

Please note that all other parking will be penalised by the parking company!!!

Each morning special coffee etc deal with “Roberts Coffee”. To be paid seperately

Saturday evening buffet dinner @Hernesaarenranta “Teltta” restaurant. Included for all competitors in entry fee.

Racing area will be “Ytterskär”

Notice of Race and online entry link is now active>> upcoming events

Direct link to online entry MAKE ENTRY HERE

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