Finnish Nationals 2016, day 2

Finnish Nationals 2016.

Day 2.

Rain, rain… and average wind from SE-S with a velocity of 7-9 m/s. And a challenging wave conditions making upwind and downwind legs really wearing. But at the same a chance to attack.

Lenny helmed by Tõnu Tõniste continued their dominant sailing without any big threat from anyone. Sailing 1st and 1st.

Today time to time helmed by Tomi Hakola challenged Toniste with tactics and boat speed finishing 2nd in race 4 and 2nd race 4. But Hakola got a BFD in race 4. This gave FIN529 Mimosa helmed Jan Mattsson an advantage to take overall 2nd place after day 2. Behind Mattsson FIN642 H&M Arkkitehdit helmed by Rasmus Päivärinta sailed 2nd & 5th. And now 3rd overall.

So overall place 2 – 7 are wide open going to day 3 — six boats in 6 points.

First start tomorrow at 10am.day2_2016

But before tomorrows racing 18.00 Championship dinner at Hernesaarenranta

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