Melges 24

Melges 24 – High performance one-design racing

Merges 24 is the World´s leading One-Design Keel boat. First introduced in 1993. Designed by Reichel / Pugh but from the ideas of the 1992 America´s Cup winning boat. Helmed by Buddy Melges.


Truly a world wide class. Boats on all 4 continents. Biggest fleets in Germany, Denmark, Norway, USA, Italy, Australia and in Chile.

Melges 24 is comfortable, light-hull displacement design that prefers to plane. Designed by Reichel/Pugh, its high-tech design includes a carbon fibre spar, rudder, bowsprit and vertical keel fin. Another key component of the Melges 24 is a 56 square meter asymmetrical spinnaker that lifts and pulls the boat forward on a downwind sprint. 

Unique get-up-and-go sports boat package has the added advantage of being easy to tow, hoist and ramp launch. The boat / trailer is specifically designed for travelling. The Melges 24 can be quickly and easily rigged + launched without a crane by just two people in ONE HOUR.

Typically raced with a crew of 4 or 5 (class crew weight maximum limit 375kg). Excellent also in handicap racing. The Melges 24 has line honours all around the world

Over 840 boats built and the success continues.


Brief history of the Melges 24 class in Finland and Estonia:

1996 – First Melges24 in Finland

2000 – First official Melges 24 fleet race in Finland in spring 2000. And the same year the national ranking series was kicked off

2003 – Jacob Creek Europeans in Helsinki in 2003 gathering 51 boats

2005 – Three Estonian boats were bought in 2005 and they came under the Finnish M24 Association. First official Nordic Championship in 2005 in Mariehamn, the island district of Åland

2006 – First official Melges 24 fleet race in Estonia in September 2006

2007 – First Finnish Estonian Melges 24 ranking season.

At the 2007 AGM of the International Melges 24 Association it was decided to give Tallinn the 2010 Worlds.

2010 – Marinepool Melges 24 World Championship gathered to Tallinn 84 boats from 17 nations and three continents!

2014 – On the 6th December the AGM of the International Melges 24 Association decided to give Helsinki the 2017 Worlds.

2015 – New teams at new locations, now also at Lohja and Porvoo.

The Finnish Melges 24 fleet consists of 19 boats (Helsinki, Espoo, Lohja, Turku, Oulu, Porvoo, Jyväskylä, Saimaa) + the Estonian Melges 24 fleet consists of 4 boats (Tallinn)

!!! SECOND HAND boats available: International Melges24 Association market place , Finnish Estonian market place or call Tomi +358 40 535 2020

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